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Send us an inquiry or give us a call to discuss your needs and requirements and we will choose the most suitable package for you. Afterward, we agree on the date of installation in the field or the headquarters of your company. Installation takes approx. from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the installation. After the installation, we activate the device and assign you a personal username and password for using the desktop and mobile application. We provide you with the instructions for use and offer you support in case of any additional questions.

We use GPS navigation devices to guide us to a location while driving, show the current location and direction of travel, and the destination of the trip. Tracking involves the remote collection of data via telemetry (tracking device). Tracking is used when we away from the vehicle, in the office, or at home and we would like to monitor the location of our vehicles with built-in tracking devices – where they are located, whether they are moving or not, etc. With tracking, we also have insight into the driving history.

When moving, the data is updated when at least one of the three criteria is met: every 30 seconds of driving, every 200 meters driven, or when the angle of travel is changed by more than 15 degrees. In the event of hibernation, the data is updated every 15 minutes.

The device only needs power terminals for its operation, so it does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s electronics.

Without a GSM signal, the device cannot send the location and does not work. However, it saves the locations in its memory and sends them as soon as it receives the GSM signal again. This memory is sufficient for a history of approximately 12 hours of driving.

No, the device sends data to the server 24 hours a day, regardless of your activities. With the app, you can check the current vehicle status and history whenever you want.

Yes, you can also buy a portable tracking device if you wish, however it will still need some kind of power supply.

The device consumes car battery power but is set to switch to power save mode as soon as it no longer detects movement. At standstill, power consumption is lower than in operating mode and does not burden the car battery. Problems with starting the vehicle could only occur if the vehicle has not been used for a long time (eg a few months).

No, we take care of everything. From installation, activation of the device and the SIM card in it, to accessing the desktop and mobile tracking application. All you need is a personal computer or a smartphone with internet access.

Only buying a GPS tracker may seem like a cheaper choice as the initial investment is lower. However, you need to buy and activate your own SIM card, take care of its subscription, and have to install the tracker yourself. In that case, you can monitor the location of your vehicle only occasionally by sending an SMS. With such a device, you don’t have an overview of the driving history and the system does not record monthly reports. Our service is comprehensive, from installation to activation of the system (including SIM card and the use of a tracking application). We provide not only an overview of the location of the vehicle but also the history of its trips, automatic recording for travel orders, simulation of planned journeys, mobile notifications in case of unforeseen events, the use of the mobile application, etc.

In principle, you sign the contract for two years, if desired, we can also agree otherwise.

The tracking device has a two-year warranty. We guarantee smooth operation. Our team is available during working hours by phone and e-mail, and outside working hours by e-mail.

With our tracking, you will always and everywhere have an insight into the current location of the vehicle (whether it is moving or stationary, the time of the last activity, speed, and direction of movement). You can also view the history of driving with the location and duration of stops. The system will automatically record data at the start/end locations or times. This data includes the duration, mileage, and other parameters of the drive and sends them to you in the form of weekly or monthly reports to e-mail, where you can store all your driving history. You can also select the route simulation option, where the system draws on the map the route taken by the selected vehicle on the selected date or time interval.

Yes, notifications about vehicle movement can be set in the system. This can be done for every movement or you can set any time interval within which you would like notifications about unplanned movement. The notification can be in the form of a pop-up notification in the mobile application, via email or SMS. However, the system is not intended to prevent theft, but to automatically record mileage and automate the vehicle fleet, so protection against theft cannot be guaranteed.

Yes, you can opt for a device that has a built-in extra internal battery, and is designed to send the last location in the event of a power outage. In this case, the system will notify you that the tracking device or the battery has been disconnected. Such a device operates after disconnection and communicates the location for about two hours.

Yes, you can set an alarm in the form of a mobile push notification, or via e-mail or SMS. When the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, you will be notified immediately.

Our system records the start and end location, start and end time of the ride, driving time, standstill time, and mileage. You can export reports in the desired format (pdf, excel) or we can arrange for the system to automatically send you these reports by e-mail at the desired interval (eg once a month).

Yes, we can take care of the identification of drivers with an identification chip (iButton). With this add-on, the system will record and produce reports for each driver separately, when and where they drove. This is useful for recording the working hours of individual employees, as well as for determining liability for possible damage events (accidents) and offenses (eg when you receive a radar penalty after a few months). You can always check if your vehicle was actually on a location with the person driving it driving at the time.

This isn’t a problem, as we can install a switch that easily separates private drives from business ones. Private driving will also not be shown on the monthly report.

The system allows you to set notifications for sudden movements during the night – set the desired time interval yourself and you will receive a notification (via the mobile application, SMS, or e-mail) if there is any movement during this time.

Yes, we can connect the device to the vehicle computer via the CAN interface, which allows us to access data such as revs, temperature, mileage, operating hours, and fuel level. The system will calculate the average fuel consumption from the obtained data to add to your monthly reports. The system also detects and notifies you if there is a sudden drop in fuel.

Of course, the tracking device can be installed in any vehicle, as long as it has a sufficient power supply.

If you are a non-business user and you are tracking only your personal vehicle, you can do so without any legal reservations, as it is about protecting your property. However, if you are a business owner and want to keep track of company vehicles, you must inform your employees or vehicle users. For personal data protection purposes, it is necessary to prepare a database and define the purpose of the use of GPS tracking in vehicles and ensure that there is no excessive invasion of employee privacy.

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