About us

We are a company that offers integrated solutions in the field of telemetry and digitization in construction, foresting and logistics sectors. We offer complete control over your machinery - wherever you are and whichever device you like to use.

We believe that your time is priceless. This is why our solutions will save it. May it be a simple worksite activity monitoring or a complete system with which you will have oversight of every activity, movement and system parameter for your machine.

Do you have requirements for a custom solution? Contact us and we will be happy to help. We can offer system development using the newest technology in the field of telemetry, embedded and IoT system and smart sensors with wireless communication.


Control over working machinery

Gain complete control of construction, farming, foresting or other work machinery.

Remote system diagnostics

Possibility of remote reading and complete diagnostics in the reach of your fingertips.

Expense optimization

Decrease the expenses of machinery operation with work control anytime and anywhere.

Vehicle fleet control

Gain complete control of speed, location, fuel state and many other parameters for you vehicle fleet.

Automatic creation of reports and travel orders

No more manual writing and calculation - automatic generation of reports whenever you need them.

Custom system solutions

We offer development and integration of complete system solution by your requirements.

System solutions


Our solution are based on the newest standards and technologies. No exceptions.


Our systems enables you to manage your company simply and less stressful.


We excel with products that are made with quality, durability and simplicity of use in mind.

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Operation "System for work hours measurement, realtime operation overview and service book automation" is partialy funded by European Regional Development Fund