Trucking companies

Complete telemetry solutions

Real-time overview of your vehicles

Monitor current data on your vehicles (location, speed and direction of movement, fuel consumption, vehicle condition, ...).

With us, more trucks no longer means more work

Optimize costs and unify fleet management.

Live overview and alarms

Check at all times and be informed about: fuel condition, driver's driving style, optimal route, time of arrival at the customer.

Vehicle fleet GPS location


Check the location of your vehicles on your mobile phone or computer at any time. Plan and communicate the arrival of your vehicles to customers on time.

Employee records


The system automatically records the driving time of employees and saves you time in calculating working hours.

Calculation of international travel orders


All travel orders and mileages can be kept for each country separately. The final calculation will be taken care of by the system itself.

Integration with logistics systems


Simply connect our system with external logistics systems such as TimoCom, Project 44, Shippeo, FourKites, and others.

Vehicle maintenance and servicing


Keep a history and service plan in one place. Receive automatic notifications of upcoming maintenance work on your vehicles.

Live overview and alarm settings


Receive notification immediately if unforeseen events occur (sudden or unauthorized movements, driving above the permitted speed limit, ...).

Remote tachograph reading


Automated remote transmission of tachograph data and driver card. Save time for yourself and the driver. Analyze the situation and possible violations on an ongoing basis.

Support for office


Improve communication between the driver and the office, optimize route planning and increase the efficiency of your deliveries.

Fuel status and consumption control


Control fuel level, consumption, and fillings and receive warnings in the event of a rapid drop in fuel level.

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Since using the services of Altron d.o.o. operating our trucks is much easier and more transparent. Communication with drivers is now easier, and our customers are satisfied, as we can share the location of their cargo with them.
A. Kos
fleet manager
Altron tracking allows me to have a real-time insight over the phone into what’s going on with my vehicles even when I’m not in the office.
S. Božič

Operation “System for work hours measurement, realtime operation overview and service book automation” is partialy funded by European Regional Development Fund