Effective tracking and optimization of your fleet

Reduce costs and save your time


No hidden costs

We arrange everything, from field installation to system activation, professionally and affordably.

For small and large companies

We are at your disposal if you need to take care of a single vehicle or the entire fleet.

We come to you

We perform the installation on the field, at your address, or by another arrangement.

How the tracking How the tracking How the tracking system works?

1 Vehicle fleet analysis
2 Field installation
3 System startup and support
Reliable and affordable

Vehicle fleet analysis

After the first contact, we will analyze your vehicle fleet (number and type of your vehicles, activity of your company) and help you choose the appropriate package according to your needs.

System installation

The next step is field installation. Afterwards, we provide you with a username and password and you can already start using the mobile and desktop application to track your vehicles, while the system starts to automatically track all the driving and movement history.

Comprehensive support

We will guide you through the application and acquaint you with the user manual at the first use. We are also available via phone for any additional questions you may have.

How to get tracking?

Implementing a tracking system is quite simple. We come to you and install a tracking device in a vehicle or work machine. We activate the device, and you get your username and password to access the tracking application. All you need is an internet connection and you can already access your vehicle via PC or smartphone.

Complete solutions that bring many benefits


Complete telemetry solutions

Professional GPS tracking devices

User-friendly mobile application

Cost optimization

Complete vehicle fleet control 24/7

Improved overview of field work

Real-time overview of vehicle condition

tailored to your requirements...

Solutions for fleet owners and managers

Tracking for 1 vehicle only or the entire fleet

Simple tracking or advanced packages

Frequently asked questions and answers

Send us an inquiry or give us a call to discuss your needs and requirements and we will choose the most suitable package for you. Afterward, we agree on the date of installation in the field or the headquarters of your company. Installation takes approx. from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the installation. After the installation, we activate the device and assign you a personal username and password for using the desktop and mobile application. We provide you with the instructions for use and offer you support in case of any additional questions.

No, the device sends data to the server 24 hours a day, regardless of your activities. With the app, you can check the current vehicle status and history whenever you want.

No, we take care of everything. From installation, activation of the device and the SIM card in it, to accessing the desktop and mobile tracking application. All you need is a personal computer or a smartphone with internet access.

With our tracking, you will always and everywhere have an insight into the current location of the vehicle (whether it is moving or stationary, the time of the last activity, speed, and direction of movement). You can also view the history of driving with the location and duration of stops. The system will automatically record data at the start/end locations or times. This data includes the duration, mileage, and other parameters of the drive and sends them to you in the form of weekly or monthly reports to e-mail, where you can store all your driving history. You can also select the route simulation option, where the system draws on the map the route taken by the selected vehicle on the selected date or time interval.

Operation “System for work hours measurement, realtime operation overview and service book automation” is partialy funded by European Regional Development Fund